World-class Woodlands

Piesse Brook runs through the Park and the rising slopes of its valley are covered with open woodland of jarrah, marri, wandoo and butter gum. Butter gum is an uncommon species with a powdery bark, because of its white bark it is sometimes called Darling Range ghost gum. The heath plants of the understorey flower profusely in late winter and spring. The Park is home to some extremely rare plant species which exist nowhere else.

Granite boulder outcrops are common, making the scenery particularly striking.

If you’re lucky you might see a kangaroo, echidna or bandicoot, while native birdlife thrives, making Kalamunda National Park a good place for birdwatching.

Walk Trail Access

Visitors can access the Park at Spring, Fern or Schipp Roads, where they will find car park areas. From these points walk trails are accessible. The other access option is to enter through either Beelu National Park or Jorgensen Park. Jorgensen Park is located on the southern border of Kalamunda National Park and contains toilet and picnic facilities, including barbeques. Beelu National Park is to the north and is where walkers will find the northern entrance to the bridle track which crosses the park.

The park is a short walk from the centre of Kalamunda township, which is popular for its village atmosphere and weekly farmers' market and monthly artisan market.