The pristine wilderness of Fitzgerald River National Park is perfect for anyone with a love of nature and a thirst for adventure.

Go bushwalking, camping, canoeing, fishing and whale-watching. You might spot endangered native animals like the Dibbler, a small marsupial which has recently been rediscovered in the park.

It’s recognised as one of the most diverse botanical regions on earth with around 1,800 species of flowering plants alone. In spring, the landscape is dotted with colourful wildflowers including Banksias, Hakeas, Bottlebrush, Feather flowers, Quaalup bell and many others.

Fitzgerald River National Park is made up of coastal hills collectively known as the Barrens, interesting spongelite cliffs which are made of soft rock formed millions of years ago and featuring the fossils of sea sponges. From cliffs of Point Ann see southern right and Humpback whales migrating along the coast in winter.

Fitzgerald River National Park is about a 2-hour drive north east of Albany.

Campgrounds are located on the western side at Saint Mary Inlet and on the eastern side of the park at Four Mile Campground. Camp fees apply.

Tourists are advised to check for alerts and road/park closures before commencing their travel on and