AttractionMonkey Mia


Monkey Mia is one of Western Australia's most famous dolphin watching destinations. This calm bay is world famous for the pod of friendly dolphins that visit the shore most days to be hand fed.

Located 25 kilometres from the town of Denham in the Shark Bay World Heritage area, Monkey Mia offers a unique chance to see wild dolphins in their natural habitat.

Specially trained rangers select a handful of visitors to feed the dolphins each morning, but at any time of the day it's possible to see dolphins frolicking and leaping into the air in the bay. Their mischievous character is the subject of behavioural research and international scientists are regularly on hand at Monkey Mia to offer insights.

Apart from dolphin watching there are plenty of other activities on offer including swimming, four wheel drive trips, Aboriginal cultural tours, fishing charters, cruising and camel rides which can be booked through the Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort right on the beach or in Denham.

Fly from Perth in two hours or drive there in a day.

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