The New Norcia River Walk is a self-guided walk exploring the historical, spiritual and Indigenous heritage of New Norcia.

Learning is a cornerstone to life in New Norcia and the self-guided River Walk is your opportunity to explore the rich and fascinating history of this unique community.

The distinctive interpretive trail signs along the walk, guide you on a journey through New Norcia’s heritage highlighting points of interest and providing insight to life in the community over the past 170 years.

New Norcia would never have come about or continued, were it not for the spirit of St. Benedict and his Rule. Each sign has an excerpt from the Rule of St. Benedict providing spiritual context to the location and an opportunity to reflect.

Salvado had a deep interest and respect for Aboriginal people which inspired him to record the Noongar language, culture and customs. As you follow the River Walk you can learn a little of the local Yued language.

The main trail is approximately 1.5 kilometre long, with optional sidewalks and is suitable for all ages. Allow up to an hour and ensure you take water with you. The walk may not be suitable for people with limited mobility.

Heritage Trail maps are available at the Museum and Art Gallery.