Here is the Golden Outback

Nature paints an unforgettable picture in the Golden Outback, which stretches from countryside to coastline. Explore one of the world’s largest outdoor art galleries, gaze at the Aboriginal rock art that dots the stunning landscape and discover the historic Goldfields.

Ancient sandstone and granite monoliths rise from the red earth. Mighty Mount Augustus is two-and-a-half times the size of Uluru, while mind-blowing Wave Rock, a land-locked monster swell, serves up sweeping views of the desert wilderness.

The eye-catching colours continue in Esperance (Kepa Kurl) and its surroundings. Witness the beauty of Lucky Bay, home to whitest beaches you’ll ever see and kangaroos that laze on the shore. The bubblegum-pink Lake Hillier in the Recherche Archipelago contrasts the indigo-blue hues of the Indian Ocean. And just when you think your senses have been saturated, dazzling fields of wildflowers and the star-strewn night sky offer an unforgettable visual spectacle.