Marble Bar is a pioneer history hotspot that's held the title of Australia's hottest town since 1924. Enjoy a warm welcome and cold beer at the iconic Iron Clad Hotel, or a cooling dip in the beautiful gorges nearby.

Three hours south east of Port Hedland and four and half hours north of Newman, Marble Bar is an ideal stop-off point on a North West road-trip adventure. Alternatively, make it part of a two day outback drive north from Perth.

The town burned itself into the history books when residents endured the longest heatwave ever, anywhere in the world. For 160 days in 1923 and 1924, Marble Bar recorded temperatures that breached the 100 degrees Farenheit heatwave mark, while the hottest days on record were in January 1905 and January 1922, when it reached a sweltering 49.2 degrees Celsius.

To enjoy the best of the weather, visit between April and September. It's the ideal climate for exploring the area's natural wonders and gold rush history.

Today, Marble Bar is home to around 410 residents and healthy gold, silver, copper and jade mining operations. In its mining heyday it boasted a population of 5,000, following the discovery of gold in the early 1890s, when pioneers named the settlement after a formation of marble-like jasper nearby.

Stroll through town and view the historic buildings, including the Government Buildings, built in 1896. Visit Comet Gold Mine and Museum to learn about the pioneering days, or Corunna Downs Airbase for an insight into secret World War II history.

Marble Bar is also rich in natural attractions, surrounded by a rugged outback landscape dotted with gorges where you can enjoy a peaceful picnic and refreshing swim. Head to Chinaman's Pool, part of an A-class reserve, or take a four wheel drive to explore Coppin's Gap, Doolena Gorge or Carawine Gorge.

Finish the day with a cold beer at Marble Bar's Iron Clad Hotel, or dine at one of the town's two roadhouses before retiring to your accommodation - options include motel rooms, a caravan park, camping ground and budget units.