Let our school and public holiday planner help you time your trip.

Whether it’s a long weekend camping in a lush national park or two weeks by the beach, school and public holidays are always popular times to explore Western Australia with family and friends.

So check out the upcoming school and public holidays below and start planning your next adventure now.

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Public Holidays in Western Australia

Did you know? Western Australia's school and public holidays mostly commemorate landmark Australian historic events, or religious celebrations, with an average of ten public holidays per year.

Should a State holiday fall on a weekend, the extra day's holiday is taken the first working day following.




New Year's Day

Thursday 1 January

Friday 1 January

Official Holiday:

Sunday 1 January

Public Holiday:

Monday 2 January

Australia Day

Monday 26 January

Tuesday26 January

Thursday 26 January

Labour Day

Monday 2 March

Monday 7 March

Monday 6 March

Good Friday

Friday 3 April

Friday 25 March

Friday 14 April

Easter Monday

Monday 6 April

Monday 28 March

Monday 17 April


Official Holiday:

Saturday 25 April

Public Holiday:

Monday 27 April

Monday 25 April

Tuesday 25 April

Western Australia Day  

Monday 1 June

Monday 6 June

Monday 5 June

Queen's Birthday*

Monday 28 September

Monday 26 September

Monday 25 September

Christmas Day

Friday 25 December

Official Day:

Sunday: 25 December


Public Holiday:

Monday 26 December

Monday 25 December

Boxing Day

Official Holiday:

Saturday 26 December

Public Holiday:

Monday 28 December

Official Holiday: 

Monday 26 December

Public Holiday:

Tuesday 27 December

Tuesday 26 December

*The date of the Queen's Birthday public holiday can vary for certain areas of Western Australia. Be sure to check with the relevant local visitor centre in your destination before confirming your travel plans.

The above information has been sourced from Western Australia's Department of Commerce.

School Holidays in Western Australia




Semester One
Term One

Monda y 2 February -
Thursday 2 April

Monday 1 February - 
Friday 8 April

Wednesday 1 February - 
Friday 7 April

Holiday Break

Friday 3 April - 
Sunday 19 April

Saturday 9 April - 
Monday 25 April

Saturday 8 April - 
Sunday 23 April

Term Two

Monday 20 April - 
Friday 3 July

Tuesday 26 April -
Friday 1 July

Monday 24 April -
Friday 30 June

Holiday Break

Saturday 4 July - 
Sunday 19 July

Saturday 2 July - 
Sunday 17 July

Saturday 1 July - 
Sunday 16 July

Semester T wo
Term Three

Monday 20 July - 
Friday 25 September

Monday 18 July - 
Friday 23 September

Monday 17 July - 
Friday 22 September

Holiday Break

Saturday 26 September - 
Sunday 11 October

Saturday 24 September - 
Sunday 9 October

Saturday 23 September - 
Sunday 8 October

Term Four

Monday 12 October - 
Thursday 17 December

Monday 10 October - 
Thursday 15 December

Monday 9 October - 
Thursday 14 December

Holiday Break

Friday 18 December -
Sunday 31 January 

Friday 16 December -  
Tuesday 31 January

Friday 15 December -  
Tuesday 30 January

*Preliminary dates only: to be confirmed closer to the date.

Visitors should be aware that school holiday periods in other states may differ from Western Australia's holiday calendar.

The WA school holiday information has been sourced from Western Australia's Department of Education and Training.