The perfect climate for year-round adventure

A warm glow on your shoulders as you bathe in crystalline waters. The tingle of crisp, fresh air as you take a wintertime walk through an ancient forest. A cooling sea breeze as you watch a fiery globe descend into the ocean. Western Australia’s climate reflects the state’s extraordinary biodiversity – but wherever or whenever you choose to visit, our sunny weather means unforgettable adventures all year round.

Perth weather

Soak up the sunshine in Australia’s sunniest capital, where you’ll experience 131 stunning blue-sky days a year. With an average maximum summer temperature of 29°C (February is generally the hottest month) and winter average of 12°C, Perth is perfect for outdoor escapes – so why not indulge in a long lunch at a waterside restaurant, wander through the sprawling oasis of Kings Park and Botanic Garden (Kaarta Koomba), or take a day trip to the pristine beaches and cheerful quokkas of Rottnest Island (Wadjemup)?

Margaret River and the South West weather

For outdoor enthusiasts and wine lovers alike, the mild Mediterranean climate and abundant sunshine of Margaret River and the South West makes the region a truly special year-round destination. Warm summer days (25°C to 35°C) are made for serene beach outings and surfing adventures, while the cooler winter months (8°C to 16°C) cry out for rugged-up rambles among towering trees and world-class wines by a crackling fire.

Ningaloo and the Coral Coast weather

Banish the cold-weather blues on the Coral Coast, where the warm climate promises an idyllic escape from March to October. Whether you’re basking in the Mediterranean climate of the south or the sub-tropical climate of the north, the region’s unspoilt beaches and astonishing reefs are made for sun-soaked experiences.

The Kimberley and the North West weather

Long sun-kissed days and balmy star-spangled nights make The Kimberley and the North West a glorious destination during the winter dry season (April to September). With maximum daytime temperatures of around 29°C, this time of year offers boundless opportunities to uncover breathtaking beaches and epic landscapes. The green season (October to March) brings high humidity and temperatures in the high 30s, but also turns the region’s wild beauty up to 11, with exhilarating rainstorms, spine-tingling lightning displays and – with fewer crowds – peaceful solitude. Although the heavy rains can cause road closures, most tours operate year-round.

Esperance and the Golden Outback weather

Stretching from the rugged red earth of Mount Augustus to the sweeping snow-white beaches of Esperance (Kepa Kurl), the Golden Outback offers a dazzling array of destinations. With temperatures ranging from 15ºC in winter to as high as 37ºC in the summer months, the climate varies significantly across the vast region – but there are always adventures aplenty, no matter the weather.